It’s Vital that we keep your business moving with your passengers

Maintenance is a key part of any business, no matter how big or small. In this modern competitive world it is more vital than ever to maximise the useful lifetime of any given asset and to ensure that cost is kept to a minimum. In short, effective maintenance has the ability to increase profit and reduce downtime.

We can offer a number of service and maintenance packages for baggage handling and industrial systems including;

  • Planned preventative maintenance inspections
  • Routine service plan (3 or 6-month frequency)
  • On call service support plans including;
    • 24hrs 7 days per week
    • 14hrs 7 days per week (06:00 to 20:00)
    • 5 days per week during office Hours

We offer a comprehensive Healthcheck and Servicing schedule for your peace of mind

Alternatively, we can complete a comprehensive Health Check of your conveyor or baggage system through visual inspection, diagnostics and interrogation. Once complete we will then send a thorough Health Check report outlining findings, advising on obsolescence, optional upgrade paths and any possible cautions or warnings to help reduce downtime. After receiving this report, you can then organise a follow up visit to discuss any ongoing requirements.